Game development report

Date: 03/06/2020

Current progress:

1) Working on item system

Now you can open the inventory by clicking the items button.

There will be 7 types of item. Each with different usage, restore stamina, unlock action, as a gift...

2)  The prototype of shop system

Programming the frame of shop system, the UI looks very simple but fully functional. The next step will be improve the UI.

3) Fuyuka-chan corner

Working on new hairstyle! let me know which one is your favorite! I plan to add more hair color in the future. Please vote at the polls for what color should I add!

Also some new underwear! 

4) Other

removed all demo related option

added new location, mall, shopping street, suspicious shop on the map

testing the hunger system, you will need to eat once in awhile

testing the rent system, oh need to pay rent at the end of every month...

minor bug fixes


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