How it feel to live with a runaway girl...

Over 100 CG, 15+ events, 5 animated sex scenes.

Are you willing to take care of a mysterious runaway girl?

Are you able to heal her broken heart?

Are you capable of bring her happiness?

Are you going to love her til death?

Bottle Biosphere -Living with a runaway girl-

You, are her entire world.


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Apr 24, 2022
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Apr 23, 2022

Get Bottle Biosphere -Living with a runaway girl-

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Hi Dev,

Hope this finds you well. I am still enjoying your game. I see BB is on DLSite now as well. Congratulations on that milestone. Is the version of the game on DLSite the same as BB v1.2 on I am missing something I think. I have played a long time (day 126) and can't seem top unlock the scene in the kitchen with her wearing the apron in the classic manner. The PC gives me mysterious messages about aprons and other things which don't seem to lead anywhere. It looks like there is more of the game I don't yet have. Any help gratefully received.


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Hi there,

Yes, Both are v1.2.  Thank you for your support too!

The  apron event requirements are the following:

1) Weekend(Sat/Sun) 2)Morning(wake up at bed, NOT come home)  3) has "Apron(blue)" and gave it to Fuyuka

4)romance > 200 (when you observe her, it said "She is in love with you...")

So far there is no bug report about apron event not happening, so I think its not a bug. The savefile problem also doesn't affect this event. If you are playing v1.2 than it might be simply not meeting the requirement above yet.