About the release date

First of all I must apologize for the delay and lack of update.

My original plan is to finish and release the game before Christmas, unfortunately multiple unexpected problems occurred during the development. As a result I'm not able to get the game asset on time to work with. 

The good news is, the problem solved recently, and I can finally start working again. 

Hopefully I can finsih the game before February, I don't want to rush it and release something unfinished.

I apologize again for keep you guys waiting!

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Great to know that after all the shit you went through that this piece of art is getting finished! I would like to say more, but I'm not sure *what* exactly to say. How about I say 'Thank you'


Do you plan on releasing this game on steam?


if released on steam, I can purchase it there. Even $40 would be a fantastical deal for a finished version of this gem

Hio, was wondering what's the news one this game? Got high hopes for it.


Finally, the greatly awaited news. Let's hope for the best, February can't come soon enough.


Thanks for the news, we were really worried , hope you are doing well now! And of course take your time, you are making an amazing game.


Thank you for the update. No worries, take what time is needed, I played the demo and look forward to it's release. Thanks again!


OH THANKGOD We are so worry about you. I mean you gone silent for week !! Well at least you are ok. Take your time. We can wait.


cant wait, great game so far.


It's okay, we can wait. Take care of yourself first, and then the game. Just know that I'm really hyped! Good luck!