Minor bug fix

Updated demo v2.1

Bug fixed:

1) Fuyuka will accept underwear as gift now.

2) The icon of 'date' and 'headpat' at room.

3) Fixed the bug when you receive charm from Fuyuka.

4) Fixed the bug when you play JRPG game with Fuyuka.

PS: Not sure will the save file compatible...I am sorry...

Thank you guys for reporting bugs to me, It really help a lot!


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Feb 10, 2022

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Hi again OP! Back with a review this time.

Suggestion, maybe lower the rent increase per week. It won't be much problem if you unlock all of the things you need at the end, but if you're starting up it can be a bit of pain to manage everything, specially with the exhaustion RNG, I have 100% energy, full, and hydrated, still fainted after doing Construction for the first time. Or maybe at early stages the rent increase each week is low until you progress by buying things that are needed for the story to progress (Yes, buying such as gifts and all csz if it's the progression of the game then it will still be the same, it's easy to progress too). I ended all over starting again 😬, anyways. Besides that, suggestion to add maybe in the final Demo version or full game; 

Fuyuku greeting 'PLAYER' whenever he comes home, 

Fuyuka getting upset whenever you forget to pat her (maybe at certain progess of the game, gotta still consider that she just found the love, attention, safety and care she's been longing to find, considering her age too), 

Head pats dialogue such as 'Kiss me' or 'Say I love you' should be a viable option whenever 'PLAYER' headpat Fuyuka, it just adds more depth and sincerity to the whole headpat thing

Gifts such as Books, Utensils, and Clothings should be visible in the Apartment (Disregarding currently existing ones in the game), Customizable apartment (Beds, Bathroom, Wallpaper, etc..., Maybe 'PLAYER' and Fuyuka can buy a house together? Idk), 

2DCG Date cutscenes maybe?, 

More wholesome moments please!, 

Underwear gifts? Still doesn't work at 2.1 idk if it's only me


Wish we could learn more about her personality (Food she likes/dislikes, etc...).

So far that's it. The bugs, pretty much it's been told already, I think it's best to remove items that there's no longer any stock in the UI shops, just to lessen the confusion.

Regardless thank you for such a wonderful game OP! Looking forward to the official game version!!!

Final edit XD

The icon for Date and Headpat still overlapping to until the latest version. I'll send screenshots if you'd like.

(2 edits)

My old save file works of Demo 2, but it seems like I still can't give Fuyuka a underwear gift. And the icon for asking Fuyuka to a date is still on top of her head. thank you for your effort, I'll try making a new game and see if it fixes the bug. Or probably just a bug I'm playing on JoiPlay.

Edit: as Notme145 says there's a bug where Fuyuka is asleep if you do something in the house, and won't wake up at all. I don't have Screenshot of it but what you all need to is like sleep in 22:00 sleep for 8 hours you will wake up around 6AM a option "turn off alarm" will pop up and Fuyuka will be awake and go to school.

To be honest the room UI code is pretty messy, I will come back to this later. As long as it isn't game breaking, I have to leave it for the moment.


I appreciate your efforts with the game development. here are a few bugs i have found. I believe the black bustier doesn't leave your inventory after you gift it, the purple lowcut and skirt has an error (purple was spelled wrong), any call to pink bustier has an error, the inventory/item bag doesn't have the ability to scroll if you get 5+ rows of items, if you get home at midnight and Fuyuka is sleeping, sometimes her sprite doesn't show up, and if you sleep until 6AM and do something at home to progress time Fuyuka doesn't wake up but you get a message that it's midnight and you shouldn't wake her up. I feel like there was more but this is all i can think of right now. Keep up the great work.

Thanks, the typo and minor bug were fixed.

But I will need some time to fix the system related problems like condition error and inventory.