New game under development!

Mana dependence ~living with Maou-chan~

Another living simulation game from Kumonosu game. This time you, the Hero have to live with the cute Maou-chan!

The story

The battle between the Hero from Earth and the Demon lord. Even the mighty half dragon Demon lord is no match to the Holy sword wielded by the Hero. As a desperate measure, Demon lord used a spell which will blast the Hero to another dimension...but it accidentally send them both to Earth.

In a world of absolutely no mana, the Demon lord lost all her power and in the inch of dying. The hero originally thought he will never be able to go back home, is now in joy and very grateful to the Demon lord. That's why he vow to save Demon lord by sharing the mana from the Holy sword, also live together untill he can find a way to send Demon lord back...

The character

  • Hero

A normal human form earth with no special power. Summoned to another world and became the hero at 12 years old. Been used as political and military tool for many years, fought more human and war than monster and adventure. Wish to go back to Earth.

  • Demon lord

Half human half dragon hybrid, have incredible amount of mana, expert on dragon sorcery. Human call her 'Demon lord', but she is not a demon nor lord. Fight occasional challenger at her castle, until one day the human send the hero to slay her.

The game

You will play as the Hero and live with Demon lord in a modern Japanese apartment. You might think...Oh no, is this another isekai light novel/anime/game?

To answer is...NO! This will be a game focus on the cohabitation life of 2 lonely souls......again(just like my first game, because I LOVE IT!).

I will use unity as the game engine this time. It has better support to Live2D, animation and game system in general. You have to take care of Demon lord-chan, keep her happy and buy her ice cream. More importantly, you must share your mana through blood to keep her alive.

There will be a lot of light-hearted events happen between you and demon Lord-chan. 

You will have to help her change her pyjama, bath with her everyday, clean up the mess she left in the living room, cook delicious food and keep her feed...

The mighty Hero now have to learn housekeeping skill from skill tree, manage your time to keep demon Lord-chan entertained and happy.

You will discover the past of demon Lord-chan, bond with her and happy forever...

I need your support!!!

I am now making game as a full-time indie game developer!

Unfortunately my game 'Bottle Biosphere' was banned by steam, and I am rejected by patreon.  I basically can't receive any support, the Western environment in general is not very friendly to me and my work...

That's why please support me at Subscribestar! Your help is essential to the development of the new game and myself in general!

You will have access to the latest information of the game and joining the Discord group by subscribing!

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Awesome news! BB's development process was quite a challenge for you because of various reasons but I'm incredibly happy to hear that you keep moving forward with new plans. The moment I stabilize my income I will definitely be supporting your projects. Good luck with the new game!


Thank you for your support! I also wish you the best!