Demo v2 available now!

Hi there, It's been ages since I last updated! Sorry!

There's been a lot of unexpected events for the past few years.

I am fully occupied by some personal/family issues for a long period of time and unable to work on the game.

But...things has been solved! Yeah!

The current stage is...the game is nearly finished, around 85% done.

And the new demo included a big proportion of the final game.

There might be some bugs since I don't have time to test it.

If you can leave a comment to me at the comment section when you encountered one, I will be very grateful, thanks!

Here are some information about the UI.


BottleBiosphere Demo 744 MB
Feb 02, 2022

Get Bottle Biosphere -Living with a runaway girl-

Buy Now$20.00 USD or more


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It's so good to see you again mate! Good to know you are doing okay. Thank you for updating us :) 

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NSFW on? Would the official game be free just like demo? Please I need answer 😩


Holy shit the game is SOOOOO GOOD!!! So much cliffhanger in the last part I thought you'll not include it OP. Thank you so much 😩 

Just like the other guy from comment section said, if you'll release this on steam you guarantee yourself a purchase.


Yes, NSFW on. Maybe around $20, since patreon deleted my account and kickstarter money only covered part of the cost. I make no income for the game so far.

Again, good to hear you like the game! Thanks for your support!

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Really hoping you release it on steam 🙏 otherwise I pretty much have no way of paying for the game. I'll support this game until the very end. The demo is pretty long and I can see so much potential, wish you can share to us what's your goal in the entirity of the game. We wish you the best, thank you!

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Kumanosugame, you have no idea how hard I started breathing when I saw an update. I hope all your problems with what's been happening for the last couple years are ok, and thank you for such a gem of a game.

BTW, if you put this on Steam, you can guarantee a purchase from me :)

I should thank you for waiting this long, your words give me more motivation! God bless you.


Oh damn they're finally back


I am back!


Wow, the return of the king!

Sorry for the waiting!