v1.1 Bug fix

v1.1 note:

Fixed some events Infinite Loop

Fixed some requirement of certain event

Fixed  some image not being show correctly


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Apr 21, 2022

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Hi Dev, 

I just bought the game. I am having trouble with the love potion. Is it working? Is there any good guidance? Plus just to let you know while I was playing there are some few bugs from the game after I tried playing it.

1. If you press movie from the mall an error will occured

2. If you want to watch a movie with Fuyuka an error also occured

3. Pressing the sex button an error will occured.

I like how far you improve the development your game. Hopefully you can fix these problems.

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Hi there, those bugs are probably caused by the old save file from the previous demo.

Since I have changed a lot of setting, which is very liking to cause conflicts of old location or action. 

Because renpy recognise the demo and the final game as the same.

You can go to this path and delete the  save file from previous version.

C:\Users\User's name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\BottleBiosphere-158632927

Hi Dev,

Good effort so far. One little thing I have noticed.

There is a weird timing issue related to the first date. Just played up to the set up for the first date,  in my case it happened on day 25,  Friday. The scene starts with the MC getting out of bed saying it was his day off and Fuyuka uses her key to come into the apartment, noting it is Sunday. There is some dialog about clothes & sparrows and other stuff and eventually Fuyuka accepts the idea of a date with the MC at the park, provided she has other clothes. Then there's a time warp and we are back to Friday day 25 again. (I encountered another one of these elsewhere in an earlier version of the game and if I find it again I will log it.)

I don't know how hard this is, but perhaps it is worth considering synchronising the day of the week with day related event triggers, so events like this cannot happen unless it is their target day, in this case Sunday. That would be way less jarring.

Another suggestion I have is to be a bit less rigorous when it comes to rent collection if you have imposed an event on the player. Not meeting rental amount is fatal, and it can hit a player hard if they have just made a big purchase late in the week (TV for example) and are planning to recover money by working double shifts for the rest of the week when wham, the game hits them with an event where they lose an opportunity to work and earn money. If they don't have enough savings, as a result of an unexpected event, the player find themselves out of the game on rent day. Even a recent save does not always fix this. It is too late to save once you are in an event.

Also the rent constantly rises without warning. Real life has enough of this kind of behaviour, we don't need more in our games.

Finally that r*pe scene early on is pretty brutal and caught me napping. Otherwise, BB is a pretty sweet and gentle game and when I tried that path as an experiment the resultant play came as a shock. Too nasty for me by a long way. I guess it should be obvious really as a stupid decision to make, and will be never playing that path again.


Hi there, thank you very much for the suggestion and opinions.

I have noticed the inconsistency between events, I would definitely check it in the near future. Since the release of the game I have received a lot of bug reports, so currently I'm fixing bug here and there.  

I understand the rent system might be a bit annoying, I will try if there is any improvement I can make about it.

Really appreciate for your feedback!