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Based on the strength of the comments below and the love of the game I just donated 8 dollars (and well patron closing your account and what that usually means - stay true to your beliefs!) Do hope some NSFW is in the game now but you did say it wasn't.  Playing now and will post a review using the system here when done.  Can I request a route where you shatter her frozen heart - you can even give it a "bad" ending that leads to character death...(I am terrible I know)

So I have noticed that the Low cut and tight skirt(purple) is bugged, after I gave it to her it stayed in my inventory and when I tried to put it on her it caused an error that crashed the game. Also I cant figure out what to do with the Love Potion or the Comic LA, I have tried everything I could think of for both. I also cant figure out the Bartender Tool set.

There is a typo, I will update it soon. 

The Love Potion and Comic LA are for Hevent which will be add at the final game.

For the Bartender Tool set, try 'cooking' 10 times.

Everytime I try cooking I just get an option to drink water nothing else.

Oh, right. some code is missing there! Thanks, I will update it soon.

Take your time, Also the computer keeps telling me "we have all the games here" when ever I look for advice, but it only says it when she is asleep in bed, idk if this is a bug or not so I thought I would mention it

Could i get any walkthrough or something? It's really unclear what should i do as the days go past and nothing changes.

 You can use  'search for advice' at PC to check the condition of next event, or maybe you have finished the demo?

I dont think i have any pc in the game, and the game's stuck at moment of girl just being at my apartments. I've unlocked clothes and gifts but she wont accept them

Good job on the bug fix update!, KuMoNoSu. Better than ever. I see the crash on playing the JRPG game remains, here's the crash log:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax (roomaction.rpy, line 1189)

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "home/roomaction.rpyc", line 1189, in script

  File "renpy/", line 1852, in execute

    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):

  File "renpy/", line 2247, in py_eval

    code = py_compile(code, 'eval')

  File "renpy/", line 835, in py_compile

    raise e

SyntaxError: invalid syntax (roomaction.rpy, line 1189)



Bottle Biosphere 1.0

Sat Feb 12 08:50:15 2022


Hope it helps you track it down, every bug swatted is a win.

Keep up the good work.

Nice Game

OMG the game has been updated

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Hey, good game! 

2 questions tho, do you plan to keep it censored from now on? From what I understand it wasn't censored before? 

And do you plan a bugfix patch for the last update? There are a lot of them, especially about clothing items.

1) I use censored material as default when I making the game now, that's why the demo is also censored. I will add the uncensored version later.

2)Yeah, that's probably a bug with the clothing, I will update it soon.

May I ask why did you choose censored? Monetization or just laws?

And thanks for the bugfix :)

It need extra work to add mosaic, so I work on it first and use it for the demo. After I finish adding all the voice and sound effect to the censored version, I can copy the whole setting to the uncensored one. 


Your back! It's been awhile since you last updated your game I started over since my last save file giving me errors. it's beautifully written, Fuyuka scars are inside. I want to say it but I'll avoid spoilers. Either way I'm glad your back! Although I have no idea if the game ended for the current version but still it's quite enjoyable and I'm quite surprised she went yandere when I came back, quite a development don't mind me not I like yandere and stuff and I don't hate them, I'm no writer but the development of her story really gets deep when you finally know her. Can't wait for more future update! You did great!

So are you unable to use some of the clothing in the current version? I ask because I have all the date spots and locations unlocked yet I'm not allowed to give her new underwear, every time I try she refuses to take them. Also I bought the nurse outfit and don't see it as an option while changing her clothes.

Fuyuka refused because your relationship with her is not close enough, maybe you should spend more time with her, buy her a gift, and eventually become lover...then you can give her underwear. 

You have to go through several events to get there, if you are not sure what to do next, buy pc and use “ Search for advice“. It will show you the condition of next event!

There is probably a bug, because looks like switching her underwear is the only thing I can't do it right now, after a lot of sex scenes

I see. I will have a look into that.

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Well, it still doesn't work :/ 

Here, 3 save files to help you identify the bug. Last save from bit more future with dates etc.

The current requirement for her to accept underwear as gift is romance level > 200.

When you "observe" Fuyuka and it show  "She is in love with you..." means the romance level is above 200.

I have the ability to have sex and shower with her and have have had three different sex events unlocked so far. Also with some of the items from the festival date location there is a few bugs as well. The mask you can buy doesn't show up after buying it while you change her clothes, neither does the nurse outfit. And a few pieces of the Neko set cause error codes when I try to put them on her. Other then these few things the game works fine. I may start a new save and see if its a bug caused by trying to buy and give her underwear before the sex events where unlocked. If it works ill let you know

Mask, Nurse outfit and Neko set. Got it! Thanks.

No problem, Also I made a new save and am up to the first H event that happens and I still cant give her the underwear though I'm not sure what event makes it so she will accept them, but ill be sure to let you know what other bugs pop up.

Hi again,

I had a chance to get back to it and in fact replayed it from the start, this time being careful not to run out of stamina too often or money ever. The more I play it, the more I like it, and I have just paid you some money for it through this site. Really looking forward to the proper non-demo version. What you have already is almost there.

Fuyuka is an endearing character - well done, and the MC is OK too. The player can make him act like obnoxiously, but if he is reasonably decent and patient, it goes well.

If it is not obvious, the following is in praise of the plot as is, but since it is a demo, some suggestions too.

While comparisons are odious, they also a bit inevitable. Fuyuka has a bit of Silvie in her from Teaching Feeling, although Fuyuka's scars are all on the inside. There's also a bit of Yuu in her from 1Room Runaway Girl. Please don't let Fukuya get as dependant as Silvie can get. I know some players like their heroines quite yandere, but not everyone one does. I don't know how it fits the plot you have in mind but Fukuya can still be head over heels in love with the MC without being a total yandere. Yuu is a good model, she loves her MC deeply, but is also quite independent. (If you played this VN have a look at the epilogue in the gallery where Yuu is expecting her baby but also planning their new life  and explaining her part time job. Very satisfying. That couple has a future. I should point out that getting the epilogue scene is a bit tricky, you have to do a few non-obvious things and then go look for it in the gallery. No prompting, and if you didn't look you would never see it.) Silvie on the other hand just seems to sink into a mire of dependency, ending up a one dimensional character. Silvie could, for example, have studied to be a proper nurse, not just the cardboard cutout she plays, and become a real asset to the MC's practice all the while remaining his devoted lover. These are not mutually exclusive goals.

Seeing Fukura taking on some meaningful role like partnering the MC in running a business, or being a mother where she uses her own horror  childhood experience to do it right, might make fitting good ends to the VN. A full-on yandere end is also fine to appeal to those who like it, but make it an avoidable option please. Fukuya and the MC have the makings of proper multi-dimensional characters even in a H VN.

I was really impressed with the "confession" scene on the swings at the park - very moving for a H VN, which are mostly not even close to this well thought through in general. I also liked the recovery for that, although was initially confused. I got a couple of responses  "wrong" the first time, and I was expecting a forced end when she returned the aprtment key. But instead Fukuya came back to the apartment, and then it got really confusing. When I clicked on Fukuya, a second Fukuya appeared and responded in Jpanese. I had to resort to my phone to translate what she had to say from the screen. Even then it wasn't totally clear until the park scene repeated by itslef the next day and the MC was given a "second chance". Love the principle - no dead end- but implementation could be improved.

I know for some of your other comments you prefer  the Unity game engine to Ren'py, but as a player I am so pleased you did not go the Unity path. I am no fan of the Unity interface, and it deters me from playing these games. I suspect you have turned off certain Ren'py features like rolling back with the mouse wheel to alter decisions, but I hope you will re-enable them. It makes reversing an accidental or stupid mistake so much easier. Games should not be like real life where a mistake is mostly irreversible and carries consequences, sometimes disastrous. We have enough of that in real life, and we don't need it in games  as well. Games are supposed to be an escape from such realities.

Also watch for other errant Jpanese remaining in the English version. I saw another one of those when I ran out stamina/food/water and Fukuya gave me another one of her "Charms of Health" - a lovely idea - but how to use them? Some hints would be good. Are they are preventive or a cure after the event? See one of the attached pictures. Another "ghost" Fukuya.

There is also an issue in the code somewhere when playing the JRPG game. You see this on playing the JRPG game:

I chose "Ignore" and the game continued with no sign of mal-operation, but under the hood? But who knows? - I hope you do.

Well, that's enough for now. Keep up the good work and I hope your troubles remain at bay. Best of luck and kind regards.

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Yes. Yes. And yes!!! The game so WORTH IT!  I haven't seen anyone praise the plot. I like how the plot works OP. But i'll be frank, the last part feels rush? I feel like it could go a little bit more, she still haven't open much about her family and her history. I get it that it's demo and I'm just making recommendation. Can't wait for the official game version to be release, and if you like Teaching Feelings, this game has that vibe. HIGHLY Recommended playing this game


Thanks for your opinions and recommend the game!

I wish I can add more events about Fuyuka, but you know...everything's are tight, time and especially the budget...


Regarding about discord server. Do you have one that's available for everyone? In your kickstarter I only saw one (deleted) for kickstarter only. 


I really want to share my idea, and get updates about the game too. 


So pleased to see you back, I hope the troubles you have mentioned in the past have gone away. They sounded pretty serious, so I am surprised and delighted to see you back. Good effort too, given you are likely working on your own, with less than ideal conditions. Couple of comments intended in the spirit of making what a game with great potential even better:

There are cases where the segment of the day indicator (eg, evening) gets confused with the time of day, eg 20:00, so it is supposed to be 8PM, but the game tells me it is midnight and Fuyuka is sleeping. She should not be sleeping at 8M but instead leaning aginst the door near the kitchen entrance where she usually sits waiting for chat or head pats. This inhibits headpats as she is asleep instead and the game admonishes the MC for not head patting her. Slows progress for no reason and is confusing. Maybe your code is looking at the wrong variable?

Events sometimes turn up as a bit of a shock. For example, the presentation of the apartment key just kind of happens and interrupts the flow of the game. I understand it is a required step to progress, but a bit better integration to the rest of the game flow would help.

Same goes for dating Fuyuka. It is a welcome development, but it comes from nowhere at a random time, and in my case the "Date Fukuya" option was revealed at 9PM on a game" Friday night". Nice reveal and we can feel a bit of her heart melt by the way, so not at all bad in that way, but the timing and introduction feels clumsy.

Now I don't know where this goes eventually, but the only place to take her at the start of dating is the park. And no self-respecting MC is going to take his favourite girl to the park at 9PM to watch sparrows that are in the trees asleep for the night. How about showing the dating option only at appropriate times, say like on weekends day time?

Also the dating option icon overlaps the icon for head pats and it is hard to head pat her as the interface interprets it as a date request. Moving the icons apart would help.

Finally I was too busy dating her and missed the fact that I could not afford the rental payment and was subjected to the sudden death end "Expensive girl" or something similar. Now many games have such sudden death features and I would have to say I hate every single one of them. Developers may think they are dramatic and wonderful, but as a player they are a classic pain. If you have spent significant time grinding away at progress and miss just one critical point through inattention to saving, hours of play are lost and must be repeated for no gain.

If you must have fatal outcomes that terminate the game, at least warn the player or autosave somehow so hours of grinding are not lost. This game involves a lot of grinding to make what seems like precious little progress at times, and if you don't happen to be a diligent saver of the game getting a dead halt that is irreversible is downright annoying.

I do understand that saving is a user responsibility, but my most precious commodity is time and losing it to an arbitrary Developer decision to terminate a game without any recourse is downright irksome. Sufficiently irked players drop games and never come back. Perhaps consider an option to turn dead stops off?

It is one thing if a player chooses to replay a game knowing the grinding cost, but is downright rude of a Developer to make the decision for a player about how they are to use their time. Understand clearly, repetitious grinding might be good to string a game out but it is NOT entertainment.

Anyway, enough whinging, good job and significantly better than demo 1, I look forward to future updates.

Regards and hope things go better for you.


Wow! Very Appreciated for your detailed comments and suggestions.

I'm pleased to know someone treat my game this seriously, also willing to share your thought to me.

I will look into the problem you have mentioned.

The price of the items, rents and salary were set as close as real life Tokyo, I guess that's mean the life of a poor part-time worker is very hard.

I didn't set the difficulty on purpose, but I will sure adjust the number setting later.


thank you for the update I hope all goes well for you in the future

Thanks for your kind words!


Soo....It me again with another KICKSTARTER NEWS from dev

Let see what we got

quick update 2 (*NSFW*)
January 6, 2022

  • About the game

The game is not dead, I am still working on it!
I am learning video editing and rewriting some of the game code(Still regretting not pick unity for game engine instead of Renpy).
Because I am no expect on video editing, so a lot of try and error for this part.
In total there are around 200 short animation to edit, I am at the speed of 20-30 a day.
Here are some of the edited animation.

( I want to post the video but....No spoiler I guess )

I plan to release a updated vision of the game next week, I will let you guys know where to download once it's ready.

  • About me

I am moving again soon, this time to a seaside city.
That's why I quit my job recently and finally have time to work on the game again.
I thought I can work full time while making game, which is too naive of me.
I'm too occupied by a lot of tedious things, I wish I can have more time and space for what I really want to do in my life.
But I guess I cant tell my family I am making H game and don't want to go to work, haha...
After I move to the new house, I will have some time to settle down before I have to find another new job.
Hopefully I can finish the game during this period of time.
Once again, thank you all backers for your patience.
The game should be finished years before, I am truly sorry for all the delays and troubles.
It's a bit late but Happy new year! I am sure things will get better this year!

Link on where I get this if ya curious

So...the game is not dead ? Absolutely YES

Be patient and have a good day.



Thank you dude! This lights me up, really invested into this game. Made my day, glad that OP still working on the game.


does anyone have news?

Is this game dead?

Its a bit of a mystery, it seems like the dev was never all that active, taking months between social media updates. 

The dev said they were working on a major update to the game itself and that it would take a very long time. But that was around 6months ago. But before that it was 6months before their last major post, and ~4months before the major post before that. There are some that hold hope, other's that are pretty sure he got his kickstarter money 6months ago and ran.

Dev back, game updated!

Wait, this is just a wholesome game Aww, I was hopping this give the choice to be a dick that abuse and there will be non-con. Warning: I don't support bad behavior in real life it's a turn on when I play hentai games... it's fiction. 

Is this game still alive?

(1 edit)

Where do I change the girl clothes?

Can anyone give me  a walkthrough or any numbers on how this is supposed to work? I am well into the say 20s and she has almost no dialog options and I can't give her gifts. She sleeps at my house every night and I give her head pats every day, often multiple times a day. Is progression just this slow?

did I reach the end, or doing something wrong?
I got " an item for foyuka " but can't give it to her, im on day 53, nothing happens, already brought and gave her all cloths


For someone that curious about what happen to the game Then this is an answer for ya

KumonosuGame Creator

August 9, 2021

This is my to-do list of the game, I am working at movie editing now, adding sound to all the animated sex scene.

Basically all contents were added to the game, just need to edit it.

To be honest I underestimated the amount of work of this project, my inexperience is all to blame.

Thank you guys for your long patient to this project.

Event editing
Event 9, 11, 12, 13
H event 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Ending 1, 2, ng, tu

Gift reaction
Gift menu food, cloth, other (done)

Conversation reaction
dl 7- 37

Item editing
Item info, price, placement (done)

Movie editing
Adding sound effect
Label adjustment
System change

CG size edit (done)

Add Japanese
Add Chinese (maybe)

Final System adjustment
Romance’s value
Item price balance

Credit screen
Add backer's name

PS: I have been working a full time job at uk, it's physical labour so nothing special to talk about.
It also surprised me that you have to pay that much for council tax and TV licence haha.
In general I am getting used to the life here.


Thank you for informing us :)

thanks for the info! by the way where are you getting this?

Here ya go

by the way, does this game have a discord?

@Yosuba showed what's happening with the lack of updates; covid-19 have messed up a lot over the last 1.5 years and the stuff in Hong Kong isn't helping, so I really hope that the dev is okay. If there is any game on this site I am willing to pay for a full version, it is this one.

The game crashes every time the time-skip button is pressed ToT

This is a little nitpick. As much as I wouldn't like to justify jumping in on a highschooler but the instincts choice between 'follow the instincts' and 'abide reason' took me out of the game. I typically go out and pick both routs on these sort of games (just to see where it leads) but why did the player character suddenly got struck with a severe case of D.I.D.? The attitude shift was too neck-breaking.

pity this seems so love focused may give it a chance if it has a follow the instincts lead hmmm..

Is it available on android ?


Stay safe, I await your next update


how do i use a key item i really want to know please

(1 edit) (+11)

Dev released a new post on kickstarter.

About what happened
user avatar KumonosuGameCreator
June 4, 2021
First of all I must apologize for unable to work on the game in the past 6 months. Last year a lot of things happened at the place I live and also to myself. I can't share the detail because I use my real name and passport on kickstarter. Please read this two news report and understand why.
Things are quite tough for me and my family now, I need some time to get back to normal, if that is even possible.
The good news is I am picking up the development again very recently, although I can't work that much on it like before.
I wouldn't give up on the project, this is what I started and I am funded by all of you.
It is also very fun to make game.
I am really sorry that I can't give you any time or date, but even it is bit by bit, I promise I will finish the game.
05 June 2021

(1 edit)

I played through the content you have so far and it looks great idk of you have cancelled the project or something came up but I just wanted to say I hope your doing well keep up the good work :)

man i wish he would say something even if its that he cancelled the project, or that he's sick just any news about the game  

Still wait for something to change.....


I'd like to ask how you are KuMoNo :). I don't know what's going on right now but I just hope you're doing good. I know being quarantined is hard and I hope you're doing well, your game has been very amusing. Take your time releasing the update. Your health is more important. Goodluck on the update. 

Just wanted to check on you :D

considering the Kickstarter has almost 2 times the money requested I'm sure that the dev is just expanding the game, and considering looking at all of the past updates a couple of months does seem to pass between them.

man its been so long now that now i don't know if the dev is still working on it or corona hit him way to hard

I hope dev is not dead

I would like to play this game in its final form so I'm fine waiting for the update.

(Sweating with nervous anticipation)


When the world need him the most.

He disappeared

Well, dev did mention not wanting a rushed and unfinished game so let's be patient 'til then and hope for the best. 

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