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yo we still waiting ;;w;; hope it comes out soon


I think I got myself stuck in a loop? If I go to sleep without hetpating her, it says she looks lonely, but if I try to headpat her, she says no and seems to hate me even more? Is this as far as the game progresses?

i wonder if they will mention teaching feeling or one room as easter eggs

Take your time. Nothing bad about a few delays.

Still waiting ಥ‿ಥ


Yeah still waiting


question to everyone. im not sure whether or not im stuck but after the event on her asking for ''sex'' i declined but i had the options to do so afterwards. i've played until day 61(around 15 to 20 days after the event) and not a single thing has happend. i bought her everything and head patted her everyday. does this mean i've reached the end of the demo or are there more events that might show up. since there are alot of ''key items'' that i bought.

this is great my guy but can you tell is the completed version going to release before february 

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(I know this comment is very long. I didn't originaly intend for it to be this long, but I wanted to share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions.)

I love this game! It has a heart warming story that I'd love to see more of! (Though I am concerned with the "other voices" you hear outside your appartment on the last event of the demo. It makes me think that there's going to be some un-avoidable adult situations involving Fuyuka, I hope that's not the case...)

There are two things that would make this game an absalute must-have for me! (and another one I just thought would be nice to have the option.) (I'll have the example choices further down.)

The first being quite simple; an "age selection" that allows you to chose to be young(er) with a small opening choice. (the choice just changing some dialogue in the game, also on a side note, the character doesn't appear to be that old to begin with, mid to late 20's at worst by the looks of it.). My second thought being related to this one:

A new character that takes the role of the (character)'s lover (from high-school?). She could have a motherly role to Fuyuka ex, walking her to school, brushing her hair,. This character can also be absent or present based on your choices. (see examples below.)

These two ideas could be toggled in-game with two choices at the start of the game being.

I've been "Living alone..." or  "Living with (her)..." ever since I graduated from high-school... this choice would change wether (she) appears in the game or not, while also opening a text box similar to name (her).

Edit: Alternativly, when Fuyuka asks if you have a lover or not, maybe you can chose "Yes" or "No"?

"and I've forgotten how many years it's been..." or  "It's only been a couple of years since then." (this choice will simply change some dialogue with her as well as slightly altering her appearence ex, greying her hair slightly?)

Again, I know this is quite a long comment and that the likelyhood of these ideas (especially the second one) being used is slim at best but I just wanted to put the ideas out there.

If they're not taken into consideration, I understand, since it would more-than-likely require an extensive ammount of changes to the story, if not a complete re-write.

If the by some miracle are, then it would make me happy. (not to mention that, if I had the money to do so, I would not hesitate to pay a voice actress to play her if that's what it took.)

I'm also curious about how many people agree and/or dis-agree with me.



This is basically Teaching feeling if it took place in the modern day

yeah it kinda is 

been waiting for this one the early demo was good


The equivalent of waiting for cyberpunk


So, firstly want to say that this game is like a diamond among coal. It really makes you want to care about Fuyuka. It's really cool that in release will be option to get pure relaitionship with her. I hope dev is doing well. This is the first game ipledged something, not much but honest work. Thank you for beautiful project!

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i don`t see the ui. is there a key to turn it on and off?

I sincerely hope the dev is doing alright.

Same, i checked page of this game every day, hoping to see an update.

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When will out official versoin of game??

Well... As I saw in some comment. The official suppose to be release in chrismas day.


Can't wait to play the full release. Actually I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. When the full game will be release ?


I'm in love with the concept of this game. I don't know, it just feels really nice and wholesome to help out Fuyuka. Giving her shelter and taking care of her is enough to make my heart warm. I just wish the relationship with her was more platonic and less lewd-oriented. I want to protect her, not molest her >_<. I'd donate some money for the development, but the corona got me down on my luck and I barely have enough to pay rent myself... I promise to pledge some money when I finally find myself another job though! Looking forward to the official release.


I am happy to see people enjoy the game. You can maintain a pure relationship with Fuyuka in the official release. It is not mandatory to choose lewd event.

Corona is getting everyone down, so just put my game on the last of the list. Thank you for your support sincerely. 

I've been scrolling through the Kickstarter updates and just noticed that you've even used your personal savings in order to pay for the voice acting. This made my heart melt.

It must be a real burden to develop a game all by yourself, but you're doing an impressive job... thank you so much for your hard work. Please don't give up!


Thank you for your kind words, I do it because I want to, so don't worry. I am quite enjoying this :)

Ok, i am now by day 30, My Player name is deleted, i just call "player" and did not make any progress with her, she dont want to be pated, not want to talk and dont want any gifts, what am i making wrong? O.O

Hi, the player name display problem is a  bug and will be fixed in the finished version.

Not sure which event you at, so hard to answer your question. But you will have a clear message when you reach the end of the demo.

i can work at the store or restaunrant, go shoping to buy some gifts or pick her up in the park at 6 pm. But at home she just sit on the floor and the only possible interaction with her is, go to sleep. There was an event, do you not hungry, But nothing more

I see, you have to headpat her everyday. She is just shy.

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Day 56, headpat her as hell every day, she: dont touch me. I think the game is jsut bugy and dont work correctly O.O But i delete the demo now. At the current progress the game makes not really fun :(

Never get report on this type of bug so far, but I will check for sure.

Btw, did you hear any sound effect when you go to bed? you should hear a SE indicate romance up.

 Also did you take shower before sleep? That also affect the romance level. In your case you probably only played 1/5 of the demo.

So, i really liked the game. But have one problem tho.When i'am trying to go to sleep, only Fuyuka goes to sleep and then i'm still not sleeping at midnight. Only then i can go to sleep and it says that she is sad cauuse i didn't headpat her(but i did).

Thanks, this might be a minor bug. I will look into it.

A misspelling of movie spelt as moive, also mall should have a capital M to keep the city screen flowing and looking good, and a few things say they are gifts but can't be gifted, I don't know if that is because I am not a high enough relationship with Fuyuka or if it just isn't coded yet. But overall a great game, can't wait for the full release! :)

Will the official release will come before Christmas?

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The official release was scheduled at December 25th (itch and DLsite)

And steam release is up to steam's censorship team to decide...

Does the game have a public discord or is it only for backers right now?

Hi, it is for backer only right now, but when the game release I will chnage it to public.

I really enjoyed the game, will an android version be built at all?

Hi, I am not very familiar with android system, so after the pc release I will look into it and see is it doable.

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Hey , i just want to say that the music is cool and also about name (player) is bugged because i can say.....if you start new game and name the MC <---i mean (player) example john after that if you click save and reload(closed and open the game again) it will  reset you name to player

also sorry if my english is bad

No problem and thank you for the report! Will look into it and fix it before the official release.

So I am on Day 100, Maxed out every job, bought every key item, and I would believe maxed out Fuyuka's Affection - but I cant seem to invite her to a bath or get any sort of H-Scene of the sort. Am I missing something here or am I trying to find something that's not in the game yet?

This is a demo, so those are not in the game yet. You got a message when you reach the end of the demo.

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Ah okay, thank you!


Hey there! Not sure if you’re open to help, but I’d be more than happy to help you correct any grammatical errors in the dialogue and script. Just shoot me a message on Discord if you’re in need of anything :) 




*Platypus Noises*


I'm playing the demo and I love it. Everything about the game is crisp, simple, and it works smoothly without any hitches - from the UI, the area transitions, places to click, job progression, relationship progression, as well as the basic necessity system. If anything though, I probably don't like the first person dialogue too much. It 's a bit too simple and lacking for me but I can get through it. Overall, a very nice game.

It's also not too perverted. As much as I love lewd stuff, it's nice to get a story like this too! I am absolutely going to support you. I hope you finish the game <3. Also, take care and be careful!

I love the game, I hope they finish it quickly ; -;

I’m basically one man it’s gonna take some time...

Still, I'll wait for it one day :)

How do I give her present/cclothes

With enough romance level, you can give her present at room.

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Made an account to say I really like the game so far. Was just curious though. I'm at around Day 39 and I've noticed that I have a key item that it says I'm supposed to give to Fuyuka but I don't know how. I also noticed that my UI looks very different from the UI on the update page (I don't have a Gallery option, for example). Was wondering if I had an old version? Is there a way to dm you about it?

Hi, the Kay item is for future event which will be include in the official release. The UI looks different is because I don’t have time to update the itch page at the moment. The Demo you download should be the latest one, there are not many CG in the demo so I disabled the gallery.

You can dm me through twitter or Discord (KuMoNoSuGame#7414). 

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Thank you for the reply. I don't have twitter so I attempted to dm through Discord but it said you weren't taking dms. I was also curious about the ability to change clothes, was that in the demo as well? 

My bad, changed my discord setting just now. You can add me now.

And you can buy clothes from shop, give it to fuyuka, then change clothes at room UI.

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Sent a request on discord.

Also there's no room UI. My only options are bathroom, Fuyuka, bed and kitchen. Is it further down the line? 

Also I just realised I never got a 'Demo End'. I got the Key Item and it said this was the last event but apparently something was supposed to happen. Do I need to further romance levels or am I missing something?

What it meant was that it was the last event of the current version.


I also made an account just to say that your game is amazing! I really hope you continue it. Also, what's the best way to dm you?

Thank you for your support! You can dm me through twitter or Discord (KuMoNoSuGame#7414). 

Got this while going to the kitchen.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
ScriptError: could not find label 'At_bed_kitchan'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BottleBiosphere-Demo-market\renpy\", line 316, in bootstrap
  File "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BottleBiosphere-Demo-market\renpy\", line 578, in main
  File "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BottleBiosphere-Demo-market\renpy\", line 143, in run
  File "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BottleBiosphere-Demo-market\renpy\", line 908, in run_context
  File "home/roomui.rpyc", line 162, in script
  File "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BottleBiosphere-Demo-market\renpy\", line 898, in lookup
    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))
ScriptError: could not find label 'At_bed_kitchan'.

Bottle Biosphere Demo
Sat Oct 24 04:15:36 2020

It is because I have fixed the typo "kitchan" to "kitchen" ,so I believe this is a conflict to the old savefile. The game nolonger can find the location of "kitchan". 

Thought as much, I had to make a new save, so not much was wasted there.


I made an account just to say im in love with your game! Is this inspired by 1room runaway girl or teaching feeling? Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the support, and yes, I like simulation game which you can live a girl. But usually in those game, the girl get close with player very quickly. So I want to make one with more stories and focus on the process of getting close, knowing each others and eventually fall in love.

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how the hell do I increase this girl's affection?

Edit: I got this now

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uhm i dont think headpatting her everyday works. i've been headpatting and showering before sleeping. it's day 32 for me and nothing has happend. i unlocked the ''talk'' option and when i press ''chat'' it says she's very cautious of me. headpatting her she would reply with ''no, What are you doing?, please stop...'' it's the same thing over and over and i cant seem to get pass it

(UPDATE: MAYBE it works i just got a new event :D)


Nice, it should be even easier now to progress in the game, since I removed most of the romance point penalty. Given enough time Fuyuka will show you her trust.

A miner bug I think is pretty funny is the item duplication from another save, If I start a new game it will  have items from another save.

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