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Question, will there ever be an Android version? If so, when?


What is "Fast Learning" ? 
I started seeing that button suddenly on the right corner when i'm home

Hi there, thank you for the support and I am glad that you enjoyed the game! "Fast Learning" is a buff which will increase 50% exp from job.


Found a hacked version of the game in the web, but after a few minutes I knew I had to support the developer, great game. 

One thing that I always wanted to games like this is to have a heart warming "vegetarian, "buddha" or "Dad" route. something only possible by maxing affection and romance but avoiding all any sex interaction developing an Electra complex but in the end transforming it into strictly platonic love. (and the good ending would be something like a happy step-daughter graduating after becoming confident and gaining a new friends, then grand children, and a happy ever after)

But that  probably would require a whole new game just to create that route... but maybe not.... anyway I just wanted to share this with an actual developer. loved the game

Even if i head pat her every day, the game wont respond, how do i make her not to be very cautious?

Good day.  I really like your project "Bottle Biosphere".  He really sunk into my soul.  I really want to know if there will be a development of the project?  I wish you good luck, strength and means, for everything you want.  I hope for your answer.


Hi there! Thank you for your support. I am working on a new game, its also a living simulation. If you are interested, please check out here:

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Bottle Biosphere 1.0

Wed Nov  2 15:09:14 2022

Not sure where you got the game, since it's 1.0 which is not available anymore long time ago. If you download the game here or DLsite, it should be 1.2

The game exceeded all my expectations, also the translation and voice acting part is done very well, it kind of feels like picking up a small dog from animal shelter the whole experience.

Hey!But...What does "Bottle Biosphere" mean? I mean what is the meaning of these two words? Is "bottle" meant to signify closure, isolation, constraint? "biosphere" is meant to indicate...heart? ...or inner world?

I want to hear your answer

Where can I find the PC?

Stuck in a loop and it seems from other comments that I need a PC to proceed in the game.


How to use job books? (I bought construction site, and skyscraper window cleaning, but don't know what to do with them)

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So every time i ask her to Bed(the other one) it will crash after the 'exorcise', is that normal? is there a tutorial out there?

or after the exercise its just stuck in one scene where fuyuka comes back, cant continue foward.

Are there a plan for android relaese

How do I unlock Bartending? I bought the kit but nothing has happened since.

try cooking 10 times.


How to ask her on bed?

I just bought the game after enjoying the demo, and things were going smoothly until i tried to but a movie, and due to a type, the game looked for a "moive" and crashed

Seems like a pretty good demo, I'm very willing to pay for it, but I don't have paypal. Is there any other means such as cashapp or a debit card?

I don't think itch have other payment method.

If you want to support me, you can buy the game on DLsite, it accept debit card.

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Maybe I am just stupid... but how do you start the game? I bought the game, downloaded it, and then unzipped it but I am unable to find the application to start it. I have never had this problem with any other game on

You can start the game with BottleBiosphere.exe

It is possible that your firewall or antivirus deleted the exe file when you unzip it. Renpy occasionally mistaken as virus.

hello devs,

 I really like the game, but i cant seem to find the apron, comic LA, nor the love potion. Will you help me with this?


Buy "PC", search "location", go to "suspicious store", then you can find all the item you need.

Thank you for responding. So i went to the store and there are only 2 things in stock, the suspicious energy drink and the AV (5 in 1 special)

Because you are playing the demo?

No, i deleted my saves from the demo and i bought the finished version.

This has nothing to do with the save, the demo shop only have 2 items.

Somehow your finished version has the demo shop? I am not sure what is going on.

Will there be a android release

No plan on that now.

oh ok


Dear developer, Hello, I'm from Asia. I like your games very much. However, there are a lot of "free cracked versions" of your games in Asia. I think it may be because of the purchase channel of this game. I hope you can transfer your games to a larger game platform, such as steam. This will definitely make this game have more players. Look forward to your next game progress!ヾ(◍°∇°◍)

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無料のひびの入ったバージョンに関する質問、中国人として、このような一節を目にするのは心が痛む、しかしそれはあなたのせいではなく、私は非常に有罪で申し訳ありません。中国人の海賊版問題は、すでに世界的に悪名高いのでしょうか?オイ..。私たちは人口の多い国です、しかし、人口の質は少し低いです、私たちの国はこれを認めています、国の基本的な条件として定義され、教科書にも載っているくらいです。グレートファイアウォールの存在により、世界のインターネットにアクセスできる中国人はごくわずかであり、国内の巨大な海賊版市場を生み出しています。さらに、おそらく中国人の消費レベルはまだ比較的低いです、2,750円は約136人民元で、すでに1ヶ月分の食事代であり、多すぎます。一般的にはゲームに10元(202円)程度払えますが、20元(404円)程度は慎重に考えなければなりません。これは防御ではなく、著作権侵害は確かに間違っていますが、著しかし、我々の海賊版市場は人々から拒絶されています、著作権侵害は抵抗されています。新世代のゲームグループは、優れた作品にお金を払って作者を尊重しますが、人口が多いため、著作権侵害は依然として非常に広範囲に広がっています。しかし、あなたは知っていますか? 海賊版をプレイした後、本物のバージョンを購入する人が増えています! 私たちは最初に著作権侵害を通じてゲームについて学び、その後、より多くの人々に本物のバージョンを購入するように促すコミュニティを形成しました。これにより、中国は依然として著作権侵害に満ちているように見えますが、でも実は本物のグループも拡大していて巨大な市場にもなっていますが、こちら側はめったに気づかれないようです...惹かれる前に海賊版も最初にプレイしました、本物のコピーを購入していないので羞恥ずかしいです。時間がかかります。ごめんなさい。その証拠に、私はsteamでhoi4、Stellaris、terrariaを買っています......。信じてください、海賊版は現在、体験版としての利用が多くなっています。 また、自分たちのために購入したゲームが、より良い作品を作るための作者の支援になることも嬉しいことです。






Hey dear author!  I already bought it!  Although it's been so long... Thanks for your work and...for the discount......

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Hello developer

plot, emotions, everything is great although there are some bugs but this is my favorite game in this genre

Are you planning on making a part two or similar game?

Yes, I am working on the next game now. Same genre, different characters and settings.

thank you i will wait ;)

hi devs 
im playing this game and enjoying this game so much

but the game have a bug when i click wake up in day 80 ( my game) and it keep looping
how do i do to fix this now? 

thank you


Got the same problem, happened from v1.1 eventually.

Are you guys playing v1.1?

Ah, here comes admin, thank you for replying
That bug appears in v1.1 AND v1.2

No i'm playing v1.2

thank you for replying


if you played early version before, you have to delete the old save file. Both at the game folder and Renpy auto save.

The auto save file usually located at C:\Users\User's name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\BottleBiosphere-1586329272

Be aware that you will lose all the game process by doing this. Since renpy doesn’t support save file update. I’m sorry about that.

Well if that fixed the problem, I won't mind.
Will try and will reply even if success or not
Tks for solution :3

Well that didn't work.

I deleted old save files, in folder game and in renpy as you said, still, the loop "wake up" didn't disappear.

May be you should consider fix that in next update

This is very weird , this bug you mentioned was from v1.1. I fixed it at v1.2 already. Didn’t receive any report about event loops since v1.2. Just some item displays bug remain so far.

I really not sure what’s going on here, sorry.

When I made love for the first time with her, the next day her line of dialogue was running nonstop and there was no way for me to ignore it, how to fix this?


when i play to day 28 the game is over even though i can tell her and change her clothes i need some advice please

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Hi devs and players :3
Enjoying the game so much
So far discovered 3 endings
Currently I'm following love route, around day 110+

The problem is when a new passive conversation begins, with button "wake up", I pressed it and a bunch of conversation passed by, and after that, game sent me back to that "wake up" button, and conversations just repeated. It seems like I stucked in an infinite loop
This bug happened when I played v1.1, now I still experienced this in v1.2.

Any suggestion for my problem? Any help is appreciated :3
Feel free to ask me about errors appeared in game folder if you guys need more info


Hello Leino. Have you experienced any item errors as well? I did a comment few days ago.

I tried to continue playing and found it myself, for those who are stuck, pat her head and observe once a day for about three to four days and then go home on Saturday or Sunday at 8am to 9am.

i need some guidance, i don't know where am i going wrong, i have been stroking her head for 28 days and trying to talk but the dialogue still shows she is alert and not comfortable what i should do this

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how exactly do you do the "if fuyuka is happy and go home at evening something might happen"? 

i cant get that right somehow


i got to the event she confessed to me, and the next event i considered on the computer was "wait 3 days" but i waited 40 days still nothing happened? Im play v1.2

i got the same problem 

(3 edits)

Hi Kumo . I just want thank you for helping me that one time with the buggy issues. What I did to play the game well is deleting the old demos and starting a new game but for some reason the old demo I saved before is still there but I started the game from zero to the ending. I want to give my comments to the game. First I finish the game by discovering 3 endings from the new update. What I notice from the endings is that some of pics didn’t show up in the gallery and another ending from the gallery didn’t make sense from the story line. For example I got Ending B I follow the story but when I see the gallery why didn’t it show the exact pic during the route? There is also another Ending where is like the same but different path . The A ending have 2 endings but one pic only shown in the gallery. In my opinion if you separate the pics from A like instead of A  at the same time it will be like A, B, C or organizing the ending pics in the gallery. Also in every ending the title screen always changes in different ending pics. I like it but when I see that the first time I am like will it returned back to normal? or the ending pic will stay there. 

Second I still see bugs in the updated game. I already deleted the old demos and still there are some errors in the updated game or stuck from the demo?  when I play . Here are the list from pressing some items 

Angel Cosplay

Purple Knot Bikini

Side Hair Long Brown

Missing Knot Cotton colors ( green, pink & purple)

Bustier Black still in inventory even if I gave Fuyuka the gift (Don’t know if that’s a bug but it works in changing outfits) 

That’s all the errors I encountered while I played the new version. Hope this helps you

Overall I really enjoyed the game after I bought it. I enjoy the story more by reaching out to the happiest ending made me satisfied. If anyone read this I recommend you tried this game. I support your game 

(2 edits)

did you delete your save files in the renpy folder as well?

if you havent then that's why the old save files are still there and why your game could be buggy because of the influence of the old save files / also reinstal the game after deleting renpy folder after that should be fine   <--how to find renpy save location

(2 edits)

Hi SGPanda I appreciate you helping me. I don’t have a renpy folder . So are you saying that I been getting these errors is because of the old files I saved? First I already deleted the demos and the older updates before the current version. While getting the game there are 2 versions the folder is called BB v 1.2 (current) & BottleBiosphere . The BB folder works while the other has more errors than the other so I deleted that. While playing the BB folder that’s where I started to discover some items and I explore all the items with errors with it. During that time I still have the old gameplay saved in the new version but I never deleted in game because I don’t know how to delete them inside the game. I only deleted the old game folders.

There is this other technique I tried. I oversave or saved the new version of the game over the old saves, deleted and reinstalled the game and still got the errors. I was able to get the endings in the new update game at least. I wish I could enjoy the game without these errors :(  Where you able to play game without these errors? I am guessing  that if anyone is new and just downloaded the game without the older versions will be able to enjoy the game without errors. 

Any suggestion for using the Love Potion?  I don't know how to activate it according to the pc's hint.

The hint is to go home at evening or midnight, and I have to ask her at bed, and I have the love potion, but nothing happens when I go home at those times, and there are no additional dialogues at the bed or in the hevents at the bed.  

(1 edit)

Hello Degenpink. For me I went to the love and caring path since the start of the updated game so what I did is just basically do normal things basically by just either patting her head, giving food, sleeping with her or just following what the pc says that leads into a scene etc. Then after doing that  I just bought the potion between late night.  Go to work ,  then I went home between 18:00 or 19:00 evening time then the scene starts. That’s how i got it

The potion will only work in the new update version of the game. I tried that one time with the old demo version of the game and it didn’t work so I restarted from zero to go on and finish the game. Hope this helps you. 

Hey Mr French Fries.  Thank you for the suggestion!  I'm at the end of the good/caring path as well, and tried that timing with the potion, but hearing you got it is encouraging.  Perhaps I still have an old version, though the pc gives the love potion hint, so I assume that scene exists in the same version?  Perhaps not though.  

Regardless thank you for the suggestion and I will test those instructions and go from there.  

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I love the content of this game, but I have to say the gameplay is really unpleasant.  

Specifically, the rng injuries that randomly and pointlessly make progressing through the exorbitant amount of grinding, with weekly requirements or you simply lose, wasting more time, are all genuinely annoying.  Imo there is no benefit to high weekly work requirements, and definitely no benefit to the rng injuries.  It all makes interacting with, what is otherwise a lovely game, genuinely unpleasant and frustrating, and detracts from the nice story and well made scenes.  The process of everything around them is so unnecessarily unpleasant to interact with.  

Imho, the amount of daily menu juggling between food and water and bathing and work plus injuries being a constant and pointless time-waste is just too much.  Imo this game would be much much better with more forgiving money tuning, and just removing injuries outright.  

Hope this didn't come off as ungrateful, I love the game, just think it got a bit hamstrung by these parts.  Love the story and visuals, the gameplay gives me a headache.

(2 edits) (+1)

Glad to see you back Kumo, it's been a long hiatus. Wishing this game best of luck! Sadly I can't purchase the game, I really enjoy the demo. I don't know if you announce it on Twitter or Kickstarter that you'll suddenly release the Full Game and ending the latest Demo as is. I'm not complaining or anything but it such a massive cliffhanger but in a good way, just sad that I can't purchase it. 

Anyways it's been a good 5 months run with this game I'd like to see this game grow much more thanks again, thank you for bringing Demo for free. 

And yes if you're new at this game this is SO worth it check it out :)


I am glad to see you again too, noodles. You are around here when I first started making  the game  2 years ago. I am happy you are still  here!

I have some miscommunication with the publisher and they released the game earlier then my schedule. So I am as surprise as you are when I got the news.

It's ok if you cant purchase it, there is many way to support the game. Just leaving comment and review already helps a lot.

(1 edit)

Thank you Kumo! Really appreciate you noticing, cheers to you. 

Hope you consider my recommendation in your last update in Demo. Would love to see that or least resemblance of it when I finally can purchase the game.

I'd be back at that time, probably be able to purchase it. Supporting you as much as I could! Keep it up Kumo thank you again, you made my day :)

m8, I am liking what i am seeing in the game, but I am at 20+ days and still do not have the talk option, nor the option to do anything other than convenience store. What am i doing wrong??


1)headpat everyday

 2)shower everyday

 3)Live with her 



Higehiro the game


Hi guys, so update so far in the game. I emailed op and he said that he found a full-time job so he can't focus much on the game. Aside that we'd have to wait in all honesty.

How long does it take to make her comfortable? Its so grindy just head patting.

If you give her gifts like the stuffed sparrow you should only have to pat her head once a day. Also talk to her when you can as well.

So still playing this as my time allows but thought would put a couple thoughts here - wow is this grindy.  Especially in the beginning not much happens except going to work and head patting her.  I make enough money to buy her things but she doesn't take them.  Also slightly confused on how the fatigue/injury system works.  I end up with enough stamina left to do another shift based on the amount of stamina it says doing the job takes - but it seems to almost always have me end up in the hospital if I work again and injury chance is only 1 or 2 percent.  Not sure if this is working as intended.. 

I notice the fatigue rng too. I think it's unintentional, probably some bugged codes or whatnot. The early grind from the beginning too, it's super grindy tbh. Most of the items you'll give to Fuyuka will not do much in the early stages of the game. I'll suggest buying the laptop first so you can get a hint of what to do next.


Hey, do you plan to have another bugfix patch until the next big patch? 

Next big patch will probably the end of Demo. Most of the bugs will be fix at that time probably, you tell the bugs that you find here so that op can know it sooner. 

The biggest one is she is refusing to change her panties, which I already mentioned. Bugfix supposed to fix it, but it didn't. 

I had the same bug. Perhaps did you already reach 400 or 200 romance level with her? Supposedly you can give her panties after you reach 400-200 points in romance with her. So just keep dating

Its 463 but its still the same. 
Can you share your save if it is working for you? 


Mine didn't work too. OP has gone silent again, I wish everything's fine with him. Sadly we have to wait until OP release some patch notes or event small updates so far. But OP hinted that he's reworking 80-90% of the animation of the game so (renpy compatibility stuffs) it'll take some time for the next update. Sadge

Android version when ?

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