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does anyone have news?

Is this game dead?

Its a bit of a mystery, it seems like the dev was never all that active, taking months between social media updates. 

The dev said they were working on a major update to the game itself and that it would take a very long time. But that was around 6months ago. But before that it was 6months before their last major post, and ~4months before the major post before that. There are some that hold hope, other's that are pretty sure he got his kickstarter money 6months ago and ran.

Dev back, game updated!

Wait, this is just a wholesome game Aww, I was hopping this give the choice to be a dick that abuse and there will be non-con. Warning: I don't support bad behavior in real life it's a turn on when I play hentai games... it's fiction. 

Is this game still alive?

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Where do I change the girl clothes?

Can anyone give me  a walkthrough or any numbers on how this is supposed to work? I am well into the say 20s and she has almost no dialog options and I can't give her gifts. She sleeps at my house every night and I give her head pats every day, often multiple times a day. Is progression just this slow?

did I reach the end, or doing something wrong?
I got " an item for foyuka " but can't give it to her, im on day 53, nothing happens, already brought and gave her all cloths


For someone that curious about what happen to the game Then this is an answer for ya

KumonosuGame Creator

August 9, 2021

This is my to-do list of the game, I am working at movie editing now, adding sound to all the animated sex scene.

Basically all contents were added to the game, just need to edit it.

To be honest I underestimated the amount of work of this project, my inexperience is all to blame.

Thank you guys for your long patient to this project.

Event editing
Event 9, 11, 12, 13
H event 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Ending 1, 2, ng, tu

Gift reaction
Gift menu food, cloth, other (done)

Conversation reaction
dl 7- 37

Item editing
Item info, price, placement (done)

Movie editing
Adding sound effect
Label adjustment
System change

CG size edit (done)

Add Japanese
Add Chinese (maybe)

Final System adjustment
Romance’s value
Item price balance

Credit screen
Add backer's name

PS: I have been working a full time job at uk, it's physical labour so nothing special to talk about.
It also surprised me that you have to pay that much for council tax and TV licence haha.
In general I am getting used to the life here.


Thank you for informing us :)

thanks for the info! by the way where are you getting this?

Here ya go

by the way, does this game have a discord?

@Yosuba showed what's happening with the lack of updates; covid-19 have messed up a lot over the last 1.5 years and the stuff in Hong Kong isn't helping, so I really hope that the dev is okay. If there is any game on this site I am willing to pay for a full version, it is this one.

The game crashes every time the time-skip button is pressed ToT

This is a little nitpick. As much as I wouldn't like to justify jumping in on a highschooler but the instincts choice between 'follow the instincts' and 'abide reason' took me out of the game. I typically go out and pick both routs on these sort of games (just to see where it leads) but why did the player character suddenly got struck with a severe case of D.I.D.? The attitude shift was too neck-breaking.

pity this seems so love focused may give it a chance if it has a follow the instincts lead hmmm..

Is it available on android ?


Stay safe, I await your next update

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Dev released a new post on kickstarter.

About what happened
user avatar KumonosuGameCreator
June 4, 2021
First of all I must apologize for unable to work on the game in the past 6 months. Last year a lot of things happened at the place I live and also to myself. I can't share the detail because I use my real name and passport on kickstarter. Please read this two news report and understand why.
Things are quite tough for me and my family now, I need some time to get back to normal, if that is even possible.
The good news is I am picking up the development again very recently, although I can't work that much on it like before.
I wouldn't give up on the project, this is what I started and I am funded by all of you.
It is also very fun to make game.
I am really sorry that I can't give you any time or date, but even it is bit by bit, I promise I will finish the game.
05 June 2021

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I played through the content you have so far and it looks great idk of you have cancelled the project or something came up but I just wanted to say I hope your doing well keep up the good work :)

man i wish he would say something even if its that he cancelled the project, or that he's sick just any news about the game  

Still wait for something to change.....


I'd like to ask how you are KuMoNo :). I don't know what's going on right now but I just hope you're doing good. I know being quarantined is hard and I hope you're doing well, your game has been very amusing. Take your time releasing the update. Your health is more important. Goodluck on the update. 

Just wanted to check on you :D

considering the Kickstarter has almost 2 times the money requested I'm sure that the dev is just expanding the game, and considering looking at all of the past updates a couple of months does seem to pass between them.

man its been so long now that now i don't know if the dev is still working on it or corona hit him way to hard

I hope dev is not dead

I would like to play this game in its final form so I'm fine waiting for the update.

(Sweating with nervous anticipation)


When the world need him the most.

He disappeared

Well, dev did mention not wanting a rushed and unfinished game so let's be patient 'til then and hope for the best. 


yo we still waiting ;;w;; hope it comes out soon


I think I got myself stuck in a loop? If I go to sleep without hetpating her, it says she looks lonely, but if I try to headpat her, she says no and seems to hate me even more? Is this as far as the game progresses?

i wonder if they will mention teaching feeling or one room as easter eggs

Take your time. Nothing bad about a few delays.

Still waiting ಥ‿ಥ


Yeah still waiting


question to everyone. im not sure whether or not im stuck but after the event on her asking for ''sex'' i declined but i had the options to do so afterwards. i've played until day 61(around 15 to 20 days after the event) and not a single thing has happend. i bought her everything and head patted her everyday. does this mean i've reached the end of the demo or are there more events that might show up. since there are alot of ''key items'' that i bought.

this is great my guy but can you tell is the completed version going to release before february 

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(I know this comment is very long. I didn't originaly intend for it to be this long, but I wanted to share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions.)

I love this game! It has a heart warming story that I'd love to see more of! (Though I am concerned with the "other voices" you hear outside your appartment on the last event of the demo. It makes me think that there's going to be some un-avoidable adult situations involving Fuyuka, I hope that's not the case...)

There are two things that would make this game an absalute must-have for me! (and another one I just thought would be nice to have the option.) (I'll have the example choices further down.)

The first being quite simple; an "age selection" that allows you to chose to be young(er) with a small opening choice. (the choice just changing some dialogue in the game, also on a side note, the character doesn't appear to be that old to begin with, mid to late 20's at worst by the looks of it.). My second thought being related to this one:

A new character that takes the role of the (character)'s lover (from high-school?). She could have a motherly role to Fuyuka ex, walking her to school, brushing her hair,. This character can also be absent or present based on your choices. (see examples below.)

These two ideas could be toggled in-game with two choices at the start of the game being.

I've been "Living alone..." or  "Living with (her)..." ever since I graduated from high-school... this choice would change wether (she) appears in the game or not, while also opening a text box similar to name (her).

Edit: Alternativly, when Fuyuka asks if you have a lover or not, maybe you can chose "Yes" or "No"?

"and I've forgotten how many years it's been..." or  "It's only been a couple of years since then." (this choice will simply change some dialogue with her as well as slightly altering her appearence ex, greying her hair slightly?)

Again, I know this is quite a long comment and that the likelyhood of these ideas (especially the second one) being used is slim at best but I just wanted to put the ideas out there.

If they're not taken into consideration, I understand, since it would more-than-likely require an extensive ammount of changes to the story, if not a complete re-write.

If the by some miracle are, then it would make me happy. (not to mention that, if I had the money to do so, I would not hesitate to pay a voice actress to play her if that's what it took.)

I'm also curious about how many people agree and/or dis-agree with me.



This is basically Teaching feeling if it took place in the modern day

yeah it kinda is 

been waiting for this one the early demo was good


The equivalent of waiting for cyberpunk


So, firstly want to say that this game is like a diamond among coal. It really makes you want to care about Fuyuka. It's really cool that in release will be option to get pure relaitionship with her. I hope dev is doing well. This is the first game ipledged something, not much but honest work. Thank you for beautiful project!

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